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When beginning in the port city, Puerto Montt, you can discover and get to know the natural beauty of the Southern Lake District of Chile. Lake Llanquihue for example, combines several towns with German influences and beautiful views of three volcanoes, Osorno, Calbuco and Puntiagudo. At the west side of the lake, you can see cities such as Puerto Varas, Llanquihue, Frutillar and Puerto Octay. On the eastern side, there is the Vicente Perez Rosales national park, as well as the Osorno volcano, where you can get a panoramic view of the Petrohue river valley, before seeing an extinct crater of the volcano. In addition, the Ski Center and a view of the whole lake area are at the end of the road.







After riding through the city of Puerto Montt, you can continue on to Puerto Varas, one of the prettiest cities of the region, also known as the "City of Roses". Puerto Varas offers a mixture of German traditions and Chilean culture in its wooden architecture, beautiful gardens, handcrafts and food, that you may encounter. Soon after, you can follow the shores of lake Llanquihue to the settlement of Ensenada and Vicente Perez Rosales national park. This is where you can discover the oldest protected area in Chile, with a rain forest, volcanoes, lakes, lagoons and countless numbers of rivers. This is a great place to visit the well known Petrohue waterfalls, as well as get the chance to enjoy the delightful turquoise color of the foamy water. At the end of the road, this is your chance to arrive at lake Todos Los Santos, a surprising place of magical beauty with views of the Andean lake and the surrounding peaks of the mountain range.







This route starts with a ride through the cities of Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas. Next, you can continue along the south banks of Llanquihue lake, to the settlement of Ensenada at the foot of the Osorno volcano. From there, you can begin to ascend until reaching the Ski Center at 1,200m. This also provides you with the opportunity to enjoy amazing views of the valley of Petrohue river and Llanquihue lake. The next part of the route allows a visit to the Petrohue river falls, as well as get the chance to enjoy the delightful turquoise color of the foamy water.







Once again, beginning in the city of Puerto Montt, you can experience all of the beautiful attractions that it provides, such as, the handcraft market, Angelmó fishmarket, the bay-side, the mainsquare, as well as the Catholic Cathedral. Then , you can go to Puerto Varas, also known as the City of Roses, where you will be amazed by its natural wonders and the classical German style of the area. Next, visit Llanquihue and its industries, established by the first Europeans in the area. Soon after, Frutillar can show you its crystal water beach, its clean streets decorated with well-organized gardens, and its very well preserved wooden houses with a wonderful view overlooking the lake. Finally, in Puerto Octay, you can get to know all about its lake activities and its importance as a city for the arrival and departure of various goods.





CHILOE ISLAND (northern gateway) / CHACAO - CAULIN - ANCUD


On the Southern part of the continent where geography breaks down into countless islands and archipelagos, you can navigate towards Chiloé, an island ripe with myths, culture, history and nature. During the ferry ride, dolphins, sea lions and a variety of sea birds are often observed. Once in Chacao, you can visit the town square and an old wooden church, before continuing on to Caulín a tiny fishing village. Caulín is unique because of its wide variety of birds, oyster farming, seaweed harvest (algae), and its colorful wooden houses. A very scenic road can bring you to Ancud, where the history of the island comes alive at the Spanish Fort San Antonio. Once in Ancud you can get the chance to visit the penguin colony of Puñihuil, a magical place where two different species of penguins live.








The trip begins with a visit to the park LAHUEN ÑADI (ancient wood of Alerce trees), natural monument since 1997 and located at the west of Puerto Montt, on the road to the "EL TEPUAL" airport.
There you can enjoy a scenic walk on a foot trail surrounded by different species of trees included the Alerce (Fitzroya Cuppresoides),our millenary redwood.

Next you can continue on to MONTE VERDE, an archaeological site located near the creek called CHINCHIHUAPI, 28 kilometers south west of Puerto Montt,on the road to Chiloé.
In it were founded fossils of an ancient settlement with more then 12.500 years of antiquity and all very well preserved today at the Austral University.
The site was declared National Historical Monument in 2008 and it is currently waiting for the certification by the UNESCO,to be declared a World Heritage Site.

Finally back to Puerto Montt, you can enjoy a ride through the capital of the Lake District visiting the large fishmarket of ANGELMÓ, the handicrafts market nearby, downtown area and other attractive spots of the city.






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